• daniasiddiqui 30w

    When a child is sent to earth,,,inside a woman ,,a spirit of mother takes birth...
    Blessed to have this talent in me
    But here I fail,as these words are less for ur worthy

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    Why to celebrate only one MOTHER'S DAY?
    when a mother shows her love and care everyday in every way
    Mother's love is something you can never EXPLAIN
    For it is build on Sacrifices and pain
    A SOUL who never fails to UNDERSTAND
    Who always walks hand in hand
    The way she cares,,no one CAN
    She can be ur maid,chef or biggest FAN
    Many ROLES are played by one SOUL
    For "MAKING U HAPPY"is her only GOAL
    The healing touch;the gentle smile;the selfless love she always show
    Accepting life challenges,she helps us to grow
    Mother carries A SENSE OF TRUST that can never be broken
    The DEPTH OF HER LOVE,remains unspoken
    Suppressing her needs,she fulfil our greeds
    Forgiving all our mischievous deeds
    When the world seems to fall apart
    HERS is a tender voice that comes from our HEART.
    She is no less than an ANGEL or GOD'S shadow
    Even in the darkest of times,,who sparks your soul to GLOW
    The journey of her love and care is ENDLESS
    Without her,,our LIFE is WORTHLESS
    Know her VALUE,there is still TIME
    Else you have to pay for this is the most brutal CRIME..