• djozev 11w


    I haven't even met her yet
    I call her a ghost
    But when I stumbled on her I could tell she's different
    Her looks are 10/10, her personality I suppose 11.

    When I'm talking to her on some minor things
    Ignoring everyone else, to her I'm replying quick
    I'm always grinning like a chesire cat
    And praying I've not just tripped for her yet.

    But my little prayer might be futile
    Because her smile is pearly, her voice angelic
    Her belly is skinny and her chest so perky
    Her thighs like a manatee and always covered like a mattress.

    I want to hold her someday
    I want to call her "mine" someday
    I want someday to be today
    I want today to be forever.