• rohit_roy_ 30w

    Road will be taken

    I am really sorry Mr. Frost to disappoint you.
    I have my whole life in front, but don't know what to do.

    I wanted to mould this life with my own hand.
    I slowly understood they are just dream made of sand.

    I wanted to choose the road less travelled and take a glance.
    But the wave is too strong, sand never had a chance.

    I wanted to go off-road and make my own trails.
    I forgot its a labyrinth, it seems right only in tales.

    Here I am complaining to my life as always.
    I am asking you, what can I do except counting last days.

    Hey man, take it easy, the life is very long.
    You will find a place where you belong.

    Actually I am still standing in the yellow wood.
    Staring at the less travelled road, yes I should.

    I said I will take you, just wait for sometime.
    The world is not ready, it will take it as a crime.