• miranda_m 33w

    The changing hues of the shifting seasons
    From the icterine shades of the fading autumn.
    To the rejuvenating hues of the thriving spring
    With myriad hues of the florets blooming.
    In the horizons of the verdant pastures
    The vivid tones of the beautiful nature
    That captivate the eyes of pondering poets
    To scribe lines random of soulful couplets
    The hues of the burning tropical summers
    With the colours of the varied succulent flavours.
    Giving way to the squalls of the thundering monsoons
    With swirling hues of the raging typhoons.
    Then the snow arrives in a virgin white
    With the wintry mist in a pale blue light.
    The seasons change, with change in hues
    Mother nature's beauty in panoramic views
    Enraptured hearts to a wondrous ectasy
    The hues of nature in the words of poetry.