• yatri22 10w

    Hey MIRAKEE. ...
    . life is bit more mess everday. .. whenever i feel things are falling in place , we encounter a new problem n lack in remedy.... Demise of Maa shook everyone from depth.... everyone tries thier best to look chearful but are falling apart. . Papa uses pregnant poses while speakin to ensure he doesnt break down but his face says it all .... dadaji's hurt can all be seen through his eyes , every moment i feel he ll cry but he never does... he is all weak n sad, its very drpressing and Killing seeing him that way.... mum's health is degrading by every passing day n then now this happened.... how cruel can time n people get ... my family is fighting everyday ... its maa s last ceremonial rights to be performed n uncle has denied to aarive.... its his mothers, right !!!god damn it ..how can he deny... n i cant see dadaji requesting him for that... every face in my house is sad n vulnerable, on the verge of breakin down... this home isnt home now.... , i feel extremely n completely helpless...!!!