• aniket8732 5w

    I sincerely don't know
    What I'm going through
    One minute I'm happy
    Next minute I'm at my all time low
    One minute I think I've moved on
    I'm done with you
    Next minute I fell the ghost of you
    I feel you I feel your hugs
    I feel us and our lame jokes
    I feel our walks and those silent talks
    I feel our pain when distance drifted is apart
    Whenever I feel us
    There goes a chill through my spine
    And my mind says why you left the person
    That was destined to be mine
    And this thought itself gets me stupefied
    When we broke up
    I thought we were done
    Then why I see the glimpse of you in everyone
    I thought I was jolly and won't break over anyone
    But now I feel like I'm the most broken one
    Your love your care
    Your smile your stare
    And our those lame dares
    You were my angel in human disguise
    And there was a point when you were all mine
    And then I lost you
    It was my heinous crime
    Now you are happy somewhere else
    And that's alright
    Wanna meet you once
    To make everything right
    I just wanna say come back I love you
    But the problem is
    I don't know where to find you....