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    Another "Roses are Red" poems
    Hope y'all will enjoy this!

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    Roses are Red (2)

    Fate in a thread
    Love so true,
    I never knew
    That I fell for you.

    Two teenagers met unexpectedly,
    The boy loved art while the other loved poetry.
    They saw the other not by what others see.
    They never knew that they were meant to be.

    Girl so bitter while the other sweet,
    Both teens were in for a special treat.
    She kept him standing on his feet,
    While he made her happy when they'd first meet.

    But she loved someone else and so did he,
    That's why their love never came to be.
    The two were rejected by their love,
    Thinking maybe "Was I not enough?"

    As you can see,
    the girl turned more bitterly
    Meanwhile, the boy still remained ever sweetly.
    When they saw each other, they knew they can make themselves happy.

    They gave love another chance,
    They saw each other in a different glance.

    Their friends were such big supporters,
    After few months later, they developed feelings for one another,
    And they finally found their significant other.

    Will they ever live happily together?
    Or will some come in and ruin heart-crossed lovers?