• ajey_dinakar 5w


    When I write, most people ask me.
    "Does Karma exists?"
    I say-
    Karma is nothing but our conscience. Your deeds appear in front of you at least once in a day. Everything you do/did to everyone at a point of time in life . Good and bad both. Often people tend to attribute mistakes to others or external factors to satisfy their egos. "I did it because there was no option or I did it now. So what?! I went through shit so I deserve to put someone through shit." But believe me, karma-The consciene need not be strong enough to mentally enlighten or mentally derail you. But it'll take at least 5 seconds of your everyday to think "I should have or I shouldn't have done this to xyz. What if someone did it to me or my loved ones?" Or it might give you a sigh of satisfaction of helping someone. And that'll remain forever, throughout your life, everyday. Now that can be haunting or overwhelming, Depending on your deeds. So believe in putting positive efforts, aligning with positive people, winning by upbringing someone and not by winning on their weakness and finally by love, truth and honesty.