• meghasharma 45w

    { Secret life of Walter Mitty }
    #waltermitty #daydreaming
    To see the world, things dangerous to come to,
    To see behind walls, draw closer,
    To find each other and to feel,
    That is the purpose of life. ~ (Walter Mitty)

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    Secret life of Walter Mitty

    Lost in day dreaming,
    an imaginary superhero with no cape, no wings,
    he escapes reality, just to be in his zone,
    age never a barrier in his craze,
    stretched Armstrong always in the praise,
    a skater boy, roam the million miles with mission in eyes,
    believe in fantasy love, he is craving just to send one wink,
    at last he is on the front page, but then he doesn't want to leave those hands he used to dream million times a day!