• errant_esprit 6w


    I am a lone bird
    deserted from the fleet
    trying to find my way back.

    I feel scared as I have never been alone
    I am never used to this
    How much I try I couldn't find a way
    I cannot see the light in this grief
    all alone.. all alone...

    Drifting from one place to another
    resulting in nothing.

    Soon my dreams would die with me
    Do I matter nothing to this world?
    Unless I matter to me alone...

    My fleets out there.. Are they even looking?
    or am I forgotten in this busy world of nothing

    But the little hope inside me never surrenders
    Someday I will find my way home and
    Everything will be alright.

    (An old writeup of mine which I came across today)
    Happy reading all����

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    Someday I will find my way...