• ssiixx 24w

    [2nd July 2018]
    Dear diary,
    Rain poured down in the morning. So cold that my hands were unable to move because they were frozen. I listened to the sound of the pelting rain, it's definitely became one of my favorite lullaby. I leaned against the cool wall as I was waiting my mum to fetch me to school. I saw a boy - perhaps same age as me - holding an umbrella, walking to where the school is. He caught me staring, that didn't slow him down instead he walked even quicker and disappeared into the thick rain. I thought I recognise him, but I don't. The way he acts when he saw me was actually what the others would do. That's right, they fear me. For what reason then, I don't know. Human always lie, we can never escape from that. Few minutes later, I was on the car to school.

    The day is fine till' now. I am able to catch up my studies. Of course, I can't do it without my mum's help. What did my dad do? Oh he eats, that's what he do. He's really helpful in cleaning the leftover. Night time, sleeping is what I want to do now. Goodnight ⏳

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    Human always lie, we can never escape from that.