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    Like sand shifting beneath my feet things are changing once again. I have friends whom I must abandon once again. Will there ever be a constant? Will I ever be able to say truthfully that I won't take flight and leave everything I know behind? To my friends I wish I could apologize. I would apologize for ever coming into their lives and making me one of them. Shoving my way in until they loved me. And now hurting them with my departure. Why can't I be constant for them? Soon enough I will be also leaving for college. That will once again tip the sands to shift beneath my feet. Only this time I will be uprooted from my most constants of constants. My family. Will life ever become constant for long enough to satisfy? The only constant I have until then will be my one true friend who has stood by me even though I spurned Him at times. God will be my constant rock unto which I must cling to in order to survive the constant shifting.