• subtleone 5w

    One night, I dreamt that I was long gone...

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    Underneath your heart, what you kept, things unprecedented, now that you're senseless, lost in reverie, confined, and bound to be confused between reality and fantasy, you then realized.

    You're in the expanse of woolgathering, which, you have desired, but, outside lies a different story, and you were too sophisticated to not know and care at all

    Yet, the deprived only trust, What they know, is what they will continue to believe in, What you decide is what you desire,

    With them knowing you've had everything, just made them think, you've had enough

    Little did you know, someone needs you more, wants you to carry on and keep shining,
    And in between worlds apart, uneven love it may be, someone will be longing

    Hope you know, that I was always, your restless sun, following your shadow, keeping track of your footsteps, always, are my words left unknown, always, for you, my eternity