• unloved_poetries 10w

    The 200th post :D

    After years,
    Maybe we could meet.
    Over a cup of coffee
    Or walking down the street.
    And if we happen to talk,
    Over that leisurely walk
    I could still narrate you
    Our favourite moments.
    Our movies,our songs
    Our best reads,
    Or the perfect clicks
    Where you still breathe.
    You could think I still love you
    And I would say its true.
    You could feel pity,
    Or maybe still have that love
    And feel the same as me.
    Then we may hesitantly take a step;
    Apologize with a regret,
    And comfort each other with a hug
    To forget all the mess.
    But I'm afraid,
    Our hearts could start again.
    The synchronized beats,
    The colored cheeks,
    And all the warm emotions,
    Like those good old times,
    That sang our songs.
    But then the reality would set in;
    Just before you and I give in.
    And we have to return back,
    To the unloved life we have.
    And just like that one last time,
    You and I both would sigh,
    With teary eyes bidding goodbye.
    And silently wishing for another good time
    Maybe in another lifetime.

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    Maybe another day,
    In another life time.