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    Have you been Lying??"The Lies"
    From the Moment the Sun rises in east
    To the Moment it Sets in West,
    Then to Cover every Other Single lie,
    You made them wear the
    Shimmery Glittering attire,
    Covering them from head to toe,
    With the fake Smile Plastered on
    Your Face and One thought
    Running in your Mind
    "This is the last time".

    Have you been Knitting??
    The Caliginous Gloves,
    For You to Wear to wear them,
    To hide the Scars around
    Your White hands,
    The hideous Old Scars,
    When last Summers,
    The Knife landed on your Wrist,
    Is What you said " It was an Accident"
    An accident which left,
    Both of your Wrists slitted.
    And All you have to say,
    Is" Its just an accident"
    With One thought from that last,
    Summer Suicide stunt.
    " I won't Repeat the Same mistake
    Of Leaving the door open".

    Have you been feeding on poetries??
    From Amber Dawn to the Tangerine Dusk,
    With Shots of Luscious & Tangy Rymes,
    Or Been always high on Proses,
    Or Crooning the Melodies,
    Tapping your Fingers,
    On the Masterpieces you penned
    To Cast a Spell on them,
    Ruffling the hair of the Pages,
    Waltzing With the Wand,
    That blessed you with Beauty,
    To Kiss the Souls by Your
    Enchanting & Soulful Verses.
    With One thought in Mind,
    " I'll make the Lifeless soul's alive"


    Part 2 (Have you been??)
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