• rickosuave 5w

    Poetry I Am All That I Am

    I am all that I am, I am who Im Born to be all in one. I am the sum of my acquired knowledge and experiences, I am all that my acquired knowledge an experiences God shape me to be & I am my own man, son to my mother and father, and a bother to four sisters

    .An Uncle Of Two nephews and three nieces,I am my wife's Husband and I have real family in West Virginia i love so much so dearly, Cousins that mean the world to me and i have respect for and i call my bruthas, Close bestfriend that I've known fah along time, I am God's Son, A Man of God,I am a describe, incredible unique warrior, An aspiring messenger of hope. I am a strengthen soul in a natural creative body, using strong words to outreach other people, The truth is that I am more than what the world sees or thinks of me, But I can only be more once I believe I am better than I believe myself to be

    And too often I trivialize the hardship of survival.. Too often I think what is natural is also easy and Too often I pretend to ignore the glass shards that fill my lungs with every breath I take— smiling as I puncture my throats and I swallow the water down my natural creative body and content to choke on the silence. But I am a warrior— the kind that is constantly at war with the hatred of the world and fake ppl . My breath is my battle cry, and my heart is a sound piece, announcing victory with each beat. —And the fight goes on.

    I am going to be better and I will make it through these low moments. And also I will breathe through the pieceful mind of life. I will come up with a routine of self care and self love to practice and I always figure out and know what's good & new for my future. I will remind myself that hope is not lost for tomorrow. I will make sure I shower and maintain my mind, body and soul I will eat a healthy meal and I will vent to my support system.

    I will journalize and find clarity. I will listen to music that makes me feel good and encourages me. I will never give up bc that's something i will never do, I'm always think of new goals in my life and I'm keep working on myself and being there fah my woman in our lives and future and I'm always keeping my mind focused on finishing School getting my GET. I will keep living Gods words and strength I will think better thoughts. I will speak life into my existence. I am loved, I matter. I have worth. I'm a respectable, remarkable, unique, truthful, honest, incredible of a good person. I am alive and will continue to live. I am all that I am.. I'm a person who im Born to be alł in one