• wannabe7991 24w

    Nostalgia of A Nineties' Kid

    July 4th.

    When it comes to movies, some dates stay etched in my mind and being the Independence day of the United States, actually makes it even more memorable apart from the fact , that it is one of the classic science fiction movies that came out in the 90s.(In a way I would like to call the 90s as the golden age of Hollywood).
    I don't think any other alien/war/disaster movie ever touched the mark set by this movie.

    The movie had 3 main characters , 1 among them being the ever cool Will Smith, but then it is not just the scenes that he comes in that amazed me the most.

    It is only interesting when an on-screen character has transitions.In this case , it is the character of President Whitmore, who is actually depicted as a peace-loving person and stays away from trouble all the time.
    But then, there comes a time when he has to fight an aerial war against the aliens.

    It is not even fighting the war that is difficult to pull off, but giving a pep talk before charging at the enemies.

    This reserved peace-loving person, stands up in front of his soldiers, and addresses them in a way that feels so moving and inspiring.

    So why would July 4th come in ?

    Apparently even Americans couldn't help bringing in the title of the movie in a given dialogue and scene.

    Jokes apart, how many ever times I watch this movie, I will never ever skip a scene.