• sahilll_guptaa 5w

    Me Using my phone in front of my dad from last 10 minutes....

    Papa: just hanging on your mobile whole day. There is lots of work but you are free as hell, like you don't have to do anything... At least go and study in your room.

    Me: I have just come after completing my studies.

    Papa: How many hours have you studied.

    Me : 2 ghante(hour)

    Papa: What you think 2 hours are enough , have you seen your cousins they study 16 hours or more than that... & blahh... blahh...

    Me: Ho gya kalyan (ohh... lord save me)

    After a long lecture & scold of papa...
    Me silently watching t.v. in room. Few moments later Dad started using mobile....

    Mom: Now you started using it... Few hours ago you were scolding him for using it... Now you are also doing the same, he learns everything from you.

    Dad: silent

    Me: silent.., (inside me: Or dekho movie )

    East or west mom is the best. Revenge taken by mom for scolding me