• violentlyredeemed 5w


    Life can really throw some curves.
    And at times you least expect
    One life can leave the world
    As another one erects
    People will come and go
    Through all of your years
    Some bringing laughter
    While others bringing tears
    Spend the moments you can
    With the people you love
    Keep your life focused
    On the things that lie above
    You never know that last moment
    You two may get to spend
    So be wise about your words
    And try not to offend
    Show kindness to others
    Whether you know them or not
    Give each person you meet
    An honest and fair shot
    The things that have meaning
    Don’t have a price sign
    That will all decay
    When you leave it behind
    Life is but of vapor
    That what the Bible has to say
    Here today gone tomorrow
    New mercies each day
    So grab those you love
    Pull them in real close
    Let them know they’re everything
    And that they mean the most
    You may not get a chance
    To even say goodbye
    So make the moments count
    Up until you die