• fredthemeek 11w

    Wrecking Time

    Wait a second while I destroy the friendship I have with everyone.

    Built with much honesty till boredom became it's reality.
    The only way out "honesty"
    But the foundation of a building becomes the tsunami not required to blow off the building.

    It's purpose for fun, time involved herself ; seriousness became the new silence.
    Seriousness certainly propels them to epic doom.

    Love, a story best explainable by the telltale clown.

    "unexplainable attraction"
    As we click the imaginary stopwatch with our minds and wait for the inevitable.
    Tik tok..
    Tik tok..
    It became a crime to text first....

    It's inertia switch was to satisfy my hormones urges.
    Along the narrowly fun path to satisfaction, Shit happened
    I placed a camp
    Recheck my strategies.
    Check for other shortcuts
    Looked out for possible destinations.
    A body on motion deserves an happy ending... But life

    Give me a second to destroy them all.
    With words and actions.
    Them watch me absorb hatred