• the_polka_poet 51w


    I ran towards the train
    Hoping to catch it
    It's engines ran fast
    I couldn't keep up

    It was so crowded
    Nobody let me through
    Why did I not run faster
    The people pushed me harder

    A gust of wind flew beneath my skin
    Someone tapped on me
    I looked back
    And there he was
    Looking at me

    His smile was GORGEOUS
    He said he wanted me to stay
    I hugged him tearfully
    And kissed him in a way

    The crowd saw us
    They shouted at us for us to move
    But never cared
    We were at the railway

    Nothing could stop us
    Not even the voices of hate
    We knew this was meant to be
    We held our soft hands together
    And walked happily away.