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    The word I am is enough to spoil, kill you and people around you...
    I am the best, I am a one adjusting every time, I am a one who forgiving you, I am a one who coming to you, I am a one who so humble... It's also a kind of ego...
    Even peoples around us praises, like you're the best, no one is equal to you, no one beat you... It's also a reasons of ego...
    Ego is inside each angeles and demons heart..
    When ego inside us comes out, it's kill relationship, hurt every heart, kill yourself...
    So, be just away from every cause of ego..

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    I am

    Even before I'm bloomed
    As flower in this world
    I loved by everyone as bud
    Grown up with praising
    Which make me feel
    Who I am, I am who
    Attract every soul
    With my color, appearance
    Sweetest nectar, fresh fragrance...
    Each praise sowed fire
    Called 'I am' for your clear 'Ego'
    Don't even try to touch my 'Ego', then
    I am change to
    I am a burning flower
    I am who burn you, till become
    I am an ash...