• mccavvity 9w

    Today I heard a beautiful story about gratitude.
    Once, a man after death, goes to hell. He sees there, that there are 56 variety of food on the table but each and every person is screaming and shouting because their hands are tied with a straight wooden rod. So they are unable to eat.
    Then, he goes to heaven. There he sees the same situation. 56 variety of food on table and each and every person's hands are tied with wooden rod. But he sees that, surprisingly, each one of them is happy and enjoying and eating their food. That's because they are feeding each other.
    This is gratitude.
    when a child is small, you show them love by keeping a huge birthday party every year on their birthday. They keep expecting the same thing every year. Big gifts, huge party. Lots of food. But instead of this, if you take him to an orphanage or old age home and make him distribute stuff to those individuals and spend time with them, he'll understand that he has more than other people. He'll be thankful for everything that he have, instead of being angry for not giving him the gift he wanted. He'll be kind and grateful for what he has.

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    Show gratitude, Be kind.