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    My Mother always says,
    Whenever you feel down,
    don't look at the sky
    Look at the ground

    She says-
    Whenever you feel unaccompolished or discouraged, whenever you feel you have nothing or you are missing out certain things
    whenever you find yourself in pity or fear
    Stop looking upwards
    Look for the things and the people who are praying to have atleast a part of what you have now.
    You will know the value of everything you have,
    you will feel blessed to have it all.

    1.Visit the outskirts of your city where people don't even have basic amenities, necessities and shelter.

    2.Visit a hospital and watch those patients and their family suffering .

    3.Visit an old age home or an orphanage and watch those innocent souls and kids.

    4.Visit the station of your city and watch those hundreds of homeless people.

    5.Visit a mental asylum where people are suffering from major depressive and bipolar disorder.


    -That old hawker, wandering and exploring the streets to earn a handful of money for feeding his family and still he and his family is satisfied with the little amount of money they have. Their smile, it says it all.
    Atleast you have food to eat and shelter to live.

    -That Patient, lying on the bed from months in a hope that he'll get well soon and his mother pampering and praying for his well being.
    Atleast you are blessed with good health, and a healthy body.

    -That 8 years old kid, laughing and playing carelessly with his friends who don't even know How a mother's hug feels like, how a father's care feels like and how it feels to fight and love your siblings.
    Atleast you have a family- Mother, Father, Sister and Brother.

    -That 80 years old man, who terribly miss being called "Dadu", who miss his grandson/daughter holding his finger.

    -That teenager, suffering from bipolar disorder who almost gave up on his life and daily praying for a normal disease free life.

    after visiting all these places,
    You will be filled with Pity and compassion but the reality is, they are more satisfied and Happy with all that they have.

    That Smile of the old hawker , hope of a mother,
    Careless laughter of that 8 years old kid, satisfaction of that 80 years old man in the smallest of things-
    Observe and learn to be content.

    That teenager's sufferings are more than the small anxiety attacks you have-
    Feel and learn to survive, endure and live.

    And then after visiting everywhere,
    At last visit yourself and ask what you are lacking, what you are deprived of.

    She said-
    It's "Satisfaction and contentment."

    Learn to be grateful for all that you are blessed with.

    And remember,
    Looking upwards is good but looking downwards, it's comforting.
    Flying and touching the sky is beautiful but staying on the ground, it's relaxing.

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    My Mother always says
    Whenever you feel down,
    don't look upwards
    Look downwards