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    The raw is back. My healing series #heyyou #heythere

    When you delay what you want to do, when you won't do that, all of your chances which you dismiss by not paying attention and refuse to accept that you went with a dejected heart last night. I've seen it everywhere, why do we watch others before doing something, anything. Even the tiniest of things stand on our line of judgement that they are worth doing or not. And it gets to its extreme levels by reaching situations when We hesitate, feel embarrassed or vulnerable even when we are alone to try to do certain things people in our vicinity are not currently doing. We don't live by ourselves, we live a play, a life which is pre- designed, pre- evaluated of dos and don'ts which actually aren't even realistic. Ohkay, what if these same people do the exact same things you desire a month later? Tada! And here you'll feel "yes I was right!", "I have talent", "I am intelligent" or I-am-worthy-and-I-rock-not-just-fit-in kind of feelings. Why can't we feel that way now itself?
    Who cares? Do they pay your bills? Then why you care? And are they the Ultimate experts? You match your actions, your lifestyle with what you see they have. Most people are just trying to portray that they have it all figured out, that they are living a right schedule worth doing.
    Stop putting loads of unearned faith in everyone else and start sowing this faith, growing this faith, BUILDING this faith in YOURSELF. Most of them don't even know what they're doing, they just try to figure it out as they go ahead. Stop over-evaluating yourself, be it unintentionally but you do that when your brain relates to what they do, how do they do and should you do to this damn thing your heart wants to do or should; you ignore it and believe naah you don't want to do! That's what happens in a moment when you are harsh to yourself while giving this unearned faith to them. And that's the root cause of you not being able to know what you actually want to do at that hour of the day or that week of the month! Keep figuring it out as things come and keep doing your thing! Don't stop! Don't stop when it's about you living a big life you deserve! Stop when you try to compress yourself into a tiny box painted by society or your illusion of the mini world you are currently living in all the time, stop fitting yourself into those boxes not meant for you, shrinking yours in all those places you've Outgrown! You are bigger than that so live bigger than that.
    You can do everything your heart desires to do, you just have to believe and figure it out on the way of doing your karma that how you can move a step further. Stop overvaluing people consciously or being unaware that you do. Be aware. And choose what your plants need. Choose what will make them feel free and go rise like never before. BLOOM.
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