• sophtheloaf 10w


    Are ghosts metaphysical beings which are in fact just different versions of us
    That we were too afraid to birth through our power into reality?
    Because I feel monitored, observed even haunted ... by ideas my mind had convinced were meant for ‘another life’
    Could the stalking presence I feel
    Who dances the icy breeze through my home and lands sharply into my chest
    Just like the swift airborne dart as it hits the target
    Be a ghostly reminder of all the moments
    I have abandoned my inner truths
    In the name of only fear and comfort
    At the time unknowingly severing myself into many pieces and gift wrapping them for others whom I assumed only had good intentions for my vulnerable soul
    Have I committed the unthinkable crime
    Of becoming so conflicted within my own mind that I have allowed the voice and values of the gatekeepers penetrate so deeply masquerading as if they belonged like these words of another had come from the creator inside me herself
    Did the act fracture my sweet soul in two
    When I had betrayed her for the man
    Who’s life I put on a pedestal much higher than my own when I tossed you to the curb
    to name him my judge my jury
    My decision maker and my path paver
    Did you force your way out of me
    Because inside the betrayal was too unbearable for you to feel and experience
    So now you only have to bare witness to my mistakes as you frustratingly observe
    Walking by the side of my shadow as it’s company is far less lonely than residing inside the destructive cavity you were provided
    Are you still hanging around as a last ditch hope to be noticed or even listened to ... she launches the vase across the room in Anger
    her most powerful emotion in an attempt to bless her being with clarity and conscious
    she hopes it will be enough to unmask the illusion and enough to sense her awaiting unconditional love
    The Ghosts are aware that they can only plant the seed and hope for the root to take and wait patiently for the blossom
    As the flower grows in the form of a question for the human and heart to ponder ‘ what if I promise to surrender, listen and learn and summon my missing pieces to return ‘
    What if my haunting ghosts would decide
    To trust me with a second chance and I really try, will they return Inside ?