• rosie004 5w

    It was a cloudy-dusty day
    I saw your face,
    With a different feeling
    When I was in ninth grade.

    I don't know, what happened to me?
    I just used to smile
    Like an idiot,
    On the mention of your name.

    I know I'd fight with you
    And I'd get angry with you,
    I would throw some "sarcastic" comments
    But only I know-what I felt.

    The way you pushed me
    With your strong arms,
    When I used to argue.
    The way you hold me
    Like it's the last time
    you will ever see me,

    I even dreamt of you.
    And these dreams are so very special
    For I knew,
    In dreams-
    I could hold onto you.

    I see you and me in one frame
    But I knew ,it'll not be in our fate.
    I was scared that by expressing my feelings ,
    I would be losing a friend.

    I, Want those strong arms
    To push me
    Hold me
    Love me
    Caress me
    And be there for me.
    'Cause I know this is the

    Eternal love I was to found
    Eternal love I was to forever found.


    By rosie004

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