• sinclair 23w

    All in?

    Yeah right

    I didn't know where I was going with us either

    But you didn't have to just give up

    Like I meant nothing at all

    Okay sure, we were both high on love

    I'd tell you I'd wait for you

    Any number of years

    But I'm not sure you want me to

    I'm drowning in all my fears

    Everyone gives up on me

    And I just can't stop crying

    Tell me, why am I crying?

    It's cuz of you

    Cuz you let me down

    But 'It's fine.' I tell you

    I'd never tell you how I sobbed and screamed and tortured myself with the saddest of songs

    I hate this heartbreak, this heartache

    Cuz I was the most vulnerable I've ever been, and you said 'All in'

    Why do you have to lie?

    Why'd you have to let me go?

    Everything was going so well

    Now we end in Friends 

    I'm sorry, but all I wanted was more than that

    Is that really just too much to ask?

    Five months and you'll be driving around this city

    I can wait until then

    I would  wait until then

    But by then, you'll probably find another girl

    One that's seventeen

    One that's blond, and gorgeous, and perfect

    And looks like everybody's dream

    But I swear to you, she won't take your hurt like I would

    You let us slip away

    Why'd you let us slip away?

    I just wanted you to stay

    That's all

    I only wanted you to stay

    You would have been the first who ever did

    But I guess that was just too hard for a broken boy with a jacked up decoy

    © Sincliar