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    _______ ♥️♥️ NEHA ♥️♥️ ______

    Neha name means love and affection, loving, lovable. It can also been used or said for eyes or rain in some part of India. Her lucky number is 4. Neha she is the most studious and the naughty one. She is loyal, honest, determined, energetic, dependable, much conscious about people and their things. Too bad in emotions, a highly hypersensitive person they are. She is active, daring and highly unpredictable. If she find her true love, no one can stop them. Creative and visionary thoughts they have.

    N :- No one can stop her (dreams, talks, gossips)
    E :- Enthusiastic to learn new things
    H :- Helpful and handful
    A :- Artistic and adorable

    Advice :- Neha you are full of confidence, and that makes a favorable conditions for you. Sometimes your out of the box thinking is being questioned and criticized by the people around you. But don't stop, that only makes you different from all.