• love_unlimited 4w

    Power of Love

    *Love has tremendous powers. When it is in its pure Spiritual form, then it has a power to transform your life into a divine being. Lucky are those who have pure love in their very core being, in their heart region. In fact when the door of love opens within you, then immediately your vision of seeing the things changes. All of sudden you start seeing the things in a new dimension and in the wider perspectives. You feel yourself a different being totally. Very few people do understand this secret of psychology. Rest of the people are afraid of love. They take it in the negative perspective. They feel guilty in giving and spreading love. They are actually the ignorant people usually thinking that love cannot be transcend into the divine energy. Their fault is not in that actually. Down the ages they have been preached to condemn the love. All this is inbuilt in the eternal drama. Nothing can be done in it. But we must know one thing. It is the only "Love" in different from that gives you a new quality, new life and much more. ❤️✋*