• ashutoshswat 50w

    A Passive Aggressive Poem About Love

    Love is
    My favorite song
    I hate music though
    Don't get me wrong
    It's the same music, Everytime.
    I hear it and I lose it, Everytime.
    "I love you!", Same lyrics , each turn.
    "I love you too." Lame lyrics, each turn.
    Repetitive, it regressed me.
    Evolution sucks, it blessed me.

    Really the sweetest candy.
    Suffice and yet, it is plenty.
    It melts on tongue, it feels good.
    I got a cavity now, and a decayed tooth.
    And I can't blame candies
    Cuz I am just a kid.
    So I'll deny the truth
    Cuz love is sweet.
    Truth will seek me
    And I'll hide
    Cuz love is healthy
    And love is right.