• smuamayya 30w

    I don't know

    I don't know what we are.
    I don't know what we were.
    All I know is we dated for a year.
    We loved each other all the way, but you were so bitter.
    You played around with others and I accepted the fact coz you told me.
    But a year passed and I couldn't tolerate it anymore. You beat me,You hit me, but always you loved me. We broke up. I left you.
    After a year you came to talk to me.
    Your voice the same.
    The voice I fell for, the love in your voice still remained. but you were with somebody else.
    You told me you would leave her.
    You would come to me.
    I believed but you came back to me bringing her with you.
    I don't want to leave you but the pain you bring me I can't blame you. I will leave this