• beenishrasheed021 23w

    Ambled back

    *Under the tapestries of clouds
    She felt her bare soul
    Slowly ambled back to the elixir shadow
    Strange !back to oasis she was groaning
    *May be ,rain was herald for her healing ache
    *She balked those winds touching her face
    *May be ,may be they impinged on the hidden treasure of her belief
    *Somewhere inside she knew ,she knew there were last soothing lone left
    *May be, may be the dark clouds of those moments were encamped in her heart
    So she embrace the loveless and agony and flew like nothing
    *May be,may be he had come to her for a short while so was she glad for something inexorable waited in his wings
    She forfeited any desire to live,for falling in his love
    And all of sudden sun beat down in the center
    And she ambled back