• aartisurajyadav 5w


    It can either build you or destroy you forever
    But everyone has to go through even if you are the dumbest or the most clever

    Heart break, leg break or your dear one's life break
    How big or small it will be....you can let it shatter you or new you, let it make

    Let it be OK to say that you are not OK
    Do not fear to show your broken side
    Pain gets its strength from your desire to suppress it and hide

    Please allow your loved one's to heal your pain
    But do not keep reliving it by telling the tale again and again

    Vent out...scream....show fear and anger....let thousand tears roll down
    Bottling it will just make you a crying clown

    depression.... testing new ways and finally bouncing back with acceptance
    Please take your time to go through all 7 stages of pain's menace

    But sail through them all
    Do not give up....that is the goal
    Coz pain can be a destroyer or the builder of your life
    But you have to decide....you will give it which role....