• datagrey_ 5w

    Brutality must end!

    The war that began with killings must end with peace. The flag is no longer Green White Green rather the blood that was shed innocently has splattered all over our flag. Our flag no longer symbolizing natural wealth and peace. Now that same flag represents greed and war. Half mast it will fly. half mast it must fly until it has been cleansed by the blood of the lamb and by a new governance.
    We watch our brothers and sisters die day by day. They go to be with their father rather to early in their lives, their time is not up but, their time is up. The brutality caused by the corrupt state of the government which spreads its wings and covers the full face of the law has turned into a massacre.
    In peace and unity we march as a people asking, pleading and requesting for good governance and all we get in return is death and denial. The system is so cruel, they hear our voices and yet they shut their ears and turn a blind eye. The two percent of the government that look towards us can do little so we have to help ourselves.
    This will only end when we have a reform and an assurance that we as a nation will not die an early death and that our independence will not be in vain. The flag of the nation will fly again only when the land has been cleansed and there is peace and unity and a very good government system.