• night_time_reader 22w

    Take me to you.

    Take me to a place far away from here,
    Whisk me underground where the trees don't grow,
    Locate me up high where nobody wants to go,
    Then tell me a story good enough to shead a tear.

    Build a world with characters, locations and nature,
    Make the characters laugh and cry and save the day,
    Put the lacations in the way, traversing them the only way,
    Finally use nature to put randomness and twists under a state of nurture.

    Make your inventions do impressive things,
    Like win a battle or grow wings,
    Make your world like a model,
    With homes, shops and hobbles.

    Raise the mountains far into the sky.
    So no passerby could look on by,
    Cover the caves in treasure,
    So our character may one day bathe in leisure.

    Take me to these wonderfull worlds,
    You may need time but you will always take me to you.