• nkesichi 5w


    I said men are scum and you are angry because you think 'not all men' are scums. Genevieve Nnaji called men evil and you are vexing. You want to come and fight us abi?

    Honestly, neither me nor Genevieve Nnaji actually called men scums or evil. You did.

    When you teach your daughter to cover herself so she doesn't get rape. What are you indirectly saying? Men are scum!

    When you raise girls to avoid men. 'They will just sleep with you and dump you.' 'Men will useless you' What are you indirectly saying? Men are scum!

    When you can never be alive to see your 16 year old daughter stand with a boy. You are calling men scums!

    When you don't allow your daughters to play with boys. You even go to the extent of calling boys cats and girl rats. Cats and rats can never be close.
    When you teach your sons to view women as sex objects. You are indirectly portraying men are scum.

    Unlike you who is blinded by lies and subconsciously picture men as beasts and don't say it out loud. We feminists has the boldness to call men what you are only indirectly calling them. Scums!

    When the MenAreScum movement started in SA, do you think men were not part of the movement? There are men whom participated and even raised the MenAreScum bill posts high above their head.

    Our society is hypocritical and filled with cabbage. Let's call spade a spade. Men are scums!

    Men are scums until we raise our girls to be able to visit boys and not expect to be sexually abused. And also raise our boys not to view women as sex objects but as humans. Their very equal.