• asthasethi 5w

    I thought we were meant to be. I was ready to go through all the odds and fight for us to stay together.
    But maybe , I mistook everything.
    Maybe we weren't meant to be.
    Because despite all the efforts and trying my best when i was at my worst , nothing could make you stay. Not even my love.
    Maybe you never loved me. Maybe you liked me. Liked me enough to be there , to come back but not loved me enough to stay through all the odds.
    Because you don't abandon someone who was all for youu. You don't let them question their existence.
    You can be angry , upset and everything but you don't leave them hanging in between all alone when you promised them a forever.
    Maybe it wasn't real or maybe it was just a mirage which seemed real for a while but as soon as i went near , it vanished.
    Your love for me vanished,
    For how easily i see myself being replaced, everytime.

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    Maybe it wasn't real ,
    Maybe your love was a mirage.