• numbyourheart 10w


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    it’s a little bit overwhelming
    waking up that is
    in the first few seconds you’re clueless
    don’t know who you are, where you came from, where you are
    you know nothing
    and then it’s as if a dam breaks and everything comes crashing in at once
    you don’t have enough time to even think about any of what you remember because your body does that for you
    it gets you up and ready for the day
    takes you through your routine
    and then you’re standing in front of your bathroom mirror wondering why the hell your still here
    wondering why you woke up when all you wanna do is sleep forever
    and that ugly feeling comes back
    the one that weighs so heavy on your mind your posture is a bit caved in
    your heart though has been crushed under the weight
    and for some odd reason you wanna go back to sleep just to wake up again and feel those few seconds of unrecognizable bliss
    because it would be so easy to just forget everything
    it would be so easy to just not care
    but it doesn’t work out like that
    you have to get through the day
    you have to get hurt all over again
    and when you’re back home and you’re in bed you hope with all that you have left this will be the last time you close your eyes