• the_writeholic_guy 50w


    So 2017 is about to end
    There is a message for 2018 I wanna send

    "Heyaa so its time and you are coming
    Hope you bring me good
    No GF! No new Friends!
    All I want is a lot of food
    Your friend 2017 fucked me alot
    Every day he gave me a new war to be fought
    Every war had a lesson he wanted to teach me
    So there will always be "Me" and no "We"
    He wasn't good to me
    He wasn't kind
    I lost people and it made me cry
    Gave me new adventures I badly wanted to try.
    I started writing, hiding my pain
    Now sun is shining bright in a city which only knew rain
    I don't want people in my life as it makes me weak
    Am happy alone in this star studded night waiting to sneak
    Sneak past my problems without being caught
    There is hell lot of things I am needed to be taught
    Don't worry am gonna pay you well
    There is a story I wanna tell
    I expect you to be no different than the previous one
    With full of problems and zero fun
    But try...atleast try to be nice to me"