• mmmbelles 23w

    Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans!!
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    Quiet eyes peered out into the darkness
    As bright flashes of coloured light danced in the sky
    and quickly sparkled out
    into nothingness
    And thunderous booms rung out in the distance,
    Echoing from building to building.
    Crowds gathered to watch a spectacular display of patriotism
    As obnoxiously patriotic songs blaired from someone's speakers.

    My grandfather watched the show
    and reminded me of all those
    whom lost their lives for us and for our home.
    I saw a tear roll down his cheek
    And his weathered lips curve into a smile
    As he remembered his friends that had been lost in serving our country.
    I locked eyes with him
    and saw a youthful liveliness within them as he recalled the past.

    All the while
    The songs blaired loudly,
    The lights flashed and danced,
    The cracks of sounds rang out,
    And the display went on.