• sonofgod33 22w

    A bit on me

    35 years gone, conclusion already drawn
    I have acted like a pawn,
    as family have seen me blown
    I have really undergone
    Alot of surgeries to cut bone,
    out my chest a heart of stone
    Having flesh wounds sown
    I was a clean cup,head always up
    hard working drug addict
    never stopped and was like a automatic
    Keep it straight,never erratic,
    Hypocrite at its finest,form of cinematic
    Been on what ever you can name
    It was all the same..I played the game
    Was well known yet never got any fame
    Did carry heavy loads of guilt and shame
    16 years of smoking weed,
    pills, drinking, and speed
    Please continue to read
    As I will do my best to only bleed
    How it was ao hard to try and concede,
    how I spent years in real need
    Of a person in my life to intercede
    After 2 overdoses hit me like a stampede
    Death was stopped,as Jesus would plead
    To God that I might be freed
    I would on 11/11/15 follow his lead
    Into a rehab facility he named,and I agreed
    I spent one year
    getting my mind clear
    Only to fall prey and start to disappear
    Under the dark shadow of fear
    But I fight every day and continue to pray
    So that one day I may well say
    To sobriety-hey