• dani1012 5w

    I have no clue what happened just hearing her soft voice say my name made something go off, I felt an overwhelming feeling spread throughout my whole body, I started to noticed what I've done I back away and as I start to step back she grabs my collar, and pulled me back to her lips, I feel that same rush I felt 2 weeks ago on the balcony. the kiss isn't like the one on the beach, it's so safe and warm, but also passionate, it perplexes me, how the detective can make feel so many things at once. I don't want to hurt the detective and I still am clueless as to if she is mad at me. although right now I could care less, all I can focus on is how soft her lips feel on mine and the way she holds my coat as we are kissing. She stops and pulls away Than she looks me in the eyes and wraps her arms around me "I'm so glad your here." I look down and realize the detective has tears in her eyes "Detective, I'm so sorry I...uhh.." then a sudden burst of wind comes through the door "Chloe are you positive he went back!?" I look over to find Amenadiel bursting through the door "Hello brother"