• angeljohn 23w

    Mystic canon to flourish;
    The supreme and the fabricator of our existence!
    Have certainty upon the 'Wordsmith' of your
    animated narrations..
    But, where to find this mysterious author residing in confidence?
    Don't chase the shadows,
    rather introspect your foster's eyes!
    Wrongly designated as destiny..
    Instead, it's the brew of chronology,
    possibility and drudgery!
    But, who has that ultimate authority?
    Don't look for fantacy,
    glance into yourself, you are the deity,
    Solidify your target, begin from nonentity,
    self design your scaffold to ascendancy!
    The fuel for a skillful action!
    But, How to extract that ammunition?
    Don't be somebody else's replication..
    Frame your own definition,
    Penetrate deep into your loved one's joyous expression!
    A sphere of activity and wisdom!
    Finally, elevate your own realm
    of true satisfaction and charm..
    Be, a founder of that future 'World of Satisfaction' of yours, to come!