• nipplegrinder 34w

    Seduction Through The Mirror Of A Vanity

    I love watching you apply your makeup.
    Behind you, stealing glances, through the mirror of your vanity.
    You apply the light foundation that gives you the best hue in the light only you know will be cast.
    I see the light shimmer on your beige satin camisole, its thin straps lining the freckles of your smooth shoulders.
    You apply the eyeliner that sets the framing of the eyes that set my soul ablaze.
    When the mascara is picked up, I get very, very excited. It's my favorite part.
    When you bring the wand to your eye, your lips purse in an incredibly similar fashion as when my manhood is in your mouth. It's the allure of that moment that just makes me want to consume you.
    You say to me, "Aren't you going to tie that tie, mister? It's almost time to leave".
    I say, "Only takes a minute, girl".
    You say, "I'm almost finished. Cinch it up, sexy".
    I slink right behind you and slide my hands down your breasts.
    I feel you give them to me, but you feign protest saying, "We'll be late, not now".
    I completely ignore the half-hearted resistance and devour your neck as my powerful hands knead your willing bosom.
    You grab my forearms and heave a sigh of carnal intent.
    You spread my arms to either side, and in one quick turn, have my belt in your hands, wrestling its buckle to gain access to the stiffness you've known since I began my gaze.
    Your eyes from mine, to cock.
    Moistening its head, teasing.
    Then swallowing each inch
    Savoring the length.
    Noticing the dripping between your thighs, you halt.
    Saying, "We can't be late. I've promised".
    "Don't worry, we won't", I assure.
    I grasp your wrist, and turn up your palm.
    With load in hand, you taste my seed.
    I'll never ruin your makeup.
    Unless you ask.