• pranali_writes_ 10w

    I dreamed it, I willed it, that's how it should be
    That the law of attraction would bring you to me
    But now that you're here I've got to confess
    I'm not sure I'm up for this kind of success.
    You're the only law I'm willing to follow
    Everything to this moment suddenly rings hollow
    The voice of your soul commands me to move
    With reckless abandon I'm ready to prove
    I feel the need to break all the rules
    What I'm learning from you isn't taught in school
    One smile from you and I color outside of the lines,
    Your laugh drives me to run all the red lights
    Skip barefoot in snow and stay up all night
    Kiss you in public, confess most of my sins
    To hell with sportsmanship... I'm out to win
    The reason you've come is the law of attraction
    And there's nothing that brings me more satisfaction
    That I'd feel this way for you is so unexpected
    I understand now how my soul was neglected
    Your interest draws out in me every cliché
    You started this game... are you ready to play?
    Ignoring all the signs that it can't be done
    Rules are made to be broken; that's half the fun
    Your hand in mine gives me all that I need
    To take more chances...risk making a scene
    Your eyes convey more than your lips can say
    Reflecting the promise of more on the way
    Supernatural forces are infinitely stronger
    And I could not have waited a moment longer
    We were meant to create this breathless reaction
    The only rule I need is your law of attraction