• shilpi26 30w

    In a frame

    Room choked with people.
    Cries and moans everywhere
    Confusion, agitation wheeled.
    Father, where are you? I wept.
    There! In a corner! 
    In a frame. 
    A picture, the only thing remained.
    Day stretched and the night came.
    Dullness hovered slowly sliding me into the glaze and I felt you were here.
    A dark passage, a labyrinth and it seemed you were there.
    I walked, I ran in a never-ending dream.
    Legs ached and my heart screeched 
    I called, I shouted and I screamed.
    Just like a mire it got murkier and grim.
    I shivered and woke up, sweating with pumping veins.
    Father where are you? I shrieked.
    There! In a corner! 
    In a frame
    A picture, the only thing that remained.