• chaos2art_and_backagain 5w


    I asked for the reason behind each gift you gave, expecting something specific.
    Maybe it reminded you of my eyes or a random story I told once that made you laugh or maybe you felt guilty for something you did. 
    You said wanting to see me smile was reason enough. 

    I asked why you were crying as I drew you in close. 
    Perhaps a memory from long ago showed its face again or the stress of everything just caught up to you or maybe I had done something too, I wanted to know if I could help. 
    You said you didn't have a reason or you might have far too many; you couldn’t tell which anymore. 

    I asked why you were smiling that goofy grin I love so much.
    Was it the laid back sunny day or were you just in love with being alive for a moment or were you reminiscing on a memory of us. 
    You said that there were so many reasons and that I would always be one.

    I asked why you were so angry.
    I didn't know what could cause your brow to furrow in such a way or why you were so irate, I just wanted to know how to bring you peace. 
    You said that you lacked so much and the world always seemed against you; you wondered if there was a reason for such contempt on either side. 

    You asked me why I loved you through all you are; you asked me for my reason.

    I told you that I loved each emotion that you shared with me.
     learning about each of your beautiful sides brings you so much closer and takes us deeper.  
    That smile, furrowed brow, and tears you shed only cause me to love you that much more. 
    I told you that all you are is the reason I loved you, no matter how unreasonable that sounds.