• katejackson 17w


    I am drowning in an ocean far from home
    With lungs filled with water
    Breath cut short
    I keep striving to pull myself up
    To keep my head above water
    But shades of guilt keep rushing into my head
    Weighing me down into the ocean
    Like a string, I feel my thoughts pulling me into the deep
    where the mighty fish awaits to cut me
    Alone in lonely waters, my screams for help are just heard by me
    My swaying arms are just fighting in failure
    And there, there, I know, my feet should have know better
    My memories brought me right back to when
    I had the chance to make things right
    My feet had led me to false directions
    And upon every return,
    I was quick to vow never to return
    My vows were never consistent
    And now I wish I had listened to that tiny voice
    that whispered to me
    To head the opposite direction
    Now, I stand in battle alone
    I am clueless as to whether it's meant to be a
    Lifetime lesson or a test of my will for the now
    Either way, my strength is weak and
    My power is powerless
    A hand to lift me up I need, for
    I am some days black, others white
    This hour as I fight,I resolve to stick to the brighter phase
    To keep my head above water
    Even when a thread line of strength.