• jinamoni 5w

    Beautiful Assam and its flood

    A beautiful state isnt it,lush green rice fields,and if not sceptic tea gardens.And beautiful are the people here.Most villagers are farmers or somehow related to farming and small enterprises.Each year flood breaks their houses.Each year they build a new one.People outside this state?Can you imagine to live a new life each year.To again begin from the beginning.And you know offcourse that this year also you wont be spared.These people leave behind there houses,necessities,cattles,ducks and newly planted rice seedlings.But they never lose hope.There is not a single farmer here who dies of hunger.Nor a single farmer commits suicide.But how much shall we test their patience.As a citizen of India why we neglect these prime issues.Why cure but no prevention.And government has no fault.Its providing everything it can
    But this year its not a few districts.This year its about an entire state.And what can we do except donating.What can prevent it..LETS THINK ABOUT IT